10 Useful Apps For Students

As a student, it is necessary for you to be abreast with ever-changing trends. You must be able to manage and organize your itinerary on a daily basis. You must also be updated constantly on novel ideas and methods in whatever field you may be studying.

Because the world is always changing, you cannot apply old hypotheses and assumptions in solving current problems. There may have been a time when those methods would have been effective in accomplishing the task but may not be enough to do the same anymore. You must always be ready to learn and improve yourself in your field of study. 

10 Useful Apps For Students
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When looking for a tool to accomplish a task you must first ask yourself ‘what do I need to accomplish and what tools do I need to fulfill it?

A carpenter looks at the job required and then determines the necessary activities to complete said job. They then acquire the individual tools that can specifically handle that component of the job which will contribute to the overall completion of the job.

For example, if a carpenter wants to make a door, they divide the job into components which may include, acquiring wood, prepping it, putting it together, and finishing it up.

The tools needed to accomplish these specific component tasks are then acquired. The carpenter then combines their skills with the tool listed to complete each component task. After each task is finished, they combine all component parts into one whole finished product.

Similarly, choosing an app should be based on the specific component tasks that you need to complete. Apps are tools that will help you solve or build specific components or problems which put together will help you finish a project.

As previously mentioned, all apps have specific functions they perform. Just as a carpenter cannot use a hammer for sawing jobs, a student must not use an app inappropriately. Let us look at different apps you can use as a student depending on which specific task you want the app to carry out.

10 Useful Apps For Students

Useful apps for students


Grammarly is a very important tool for students. It is the tool that allows students to review their texts and write-ups when taking notes or submitting projects. It corrects spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, unclear statements and sentences, structural clarity as well as delivery mistakes made when students write projects or take notes.

Grammarly is very efficient at detecting plagiarism and also tries to find appropriate alternatives for errors it picks up.

As a student, this tool should be indispensable and always available for you. Whether you are taking notes or writing projects on your phone or on your personal computer, Grammarly is a hands-on tool that analyses every text, by flagging omissions and repetitions as well as simple spelling mistakes.


A student would have a lot of schedules and tasks to deal with on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis. It is impossible to juggle all these schedules and remember them when they are due or need action.

Todoist is a secure app that has an interface that is modern and easy to articulate. It is an organizer and reminder for schedules and tasks that use apt referencing and concise straight-to-the-point sorting.

It has an important ability to sync automatically to any device so that the user does not lose track of any task that they need to accomplish. The app combines a wide range of features for task-keeping, reminding, and structuring. This means that the user has a variety of choices to use when they want to choose from features for any specific task that they want.


This tool allows a virtual classroom in which students can upload lesson notes and research through flashcards and communication tools.

It is a virtual study library that allows you the convenience of accessibility no matter your location. Share important information about research and project hypotheses with your groupmates that will allow them to engage and share ideas with you anywhere in the world.

You can create your own group library that allows you to keep literature and articles that are relevant to your area of interest. This tool also allows you to share practical tasks and set quizzes for yourselves so you can properly test yourself and know where you need to improve and further develop your knowledge on a specific subject.

Google Drive

This tool is essential for storage and retrieval no matter your location. It has got an adjustable allowance for storage size and provides a minimal risk of data loss.

Rather than storing your very important documents on a physical hard drive that can be corruptible or destroyed through high-impact accidents and other external adversities, use Google Drive to securely store your data without the fuss of poor handling or unfortunate misplacement of a physical drive.

Storing on PCs also has a disadvantage since they may be infected by malware and theft causing you to lose valuable data or information. Google Drive helps you organize files and sort them through dates, importance, sizes, and many more.

Archiving and retrieval are also possible with Google Drive. This tool is a must-have for students with cumbersome papers or documents the sort and refer to when publishing a paper or simply submitting an assignment.

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Take note-taking to the next level with Evernote. Evernote expands your ability to record the most vital parts of your lesson. Whether you want to store your notes in document, audio, or picture form, Evernote will give you that ability.

If you are a visual, or audio learner, Evernote satisfies either mode of taking notes and archives your files with impeccable precision. Learn whether you are on the go, under the weather, multitasking, or performing any task that does not allow you to focus on one thing.

Do not be left out of lesson notes when you are not present. Friends can share audio recordings from lecturers and demonstrators with you. Your coursemates can use visual aid that can help you understand a lecture that you missed so that you will find it easy to catch up whenever you wish to join.

As well as Google Drive, Evernote can archive your notes with impeccable storage capabilities as well as save reminders of due assignments and soon-approaching deadlines. Get Evernote today and take your learning ability to another level.


Mendeley is the perfect tool for project or paper referencing and citation. If you are worried about how to get your author and article references on point then Mendeley is the tool for you.

It offers many styles of referencing and corrects any mistakes that can manually be made when undertaking this process. Its scans the reference document thoroughly to determine the accuracy of the year published, author name, paper title, and introduction to help you determine if the said paper is relevant to your project paper or area of interest.

It also organizes your reference page in whatever order or style you want it to be in a neat and smooth fashion which contains all the relevant information about the quoted article and author including published issue date, title, page(s), issue number, author(s) name(s), volume number etc.

It stores and archives uploaded articles and make retrieval and usage very simple and straightforward. It provides a simple-to-use interface and a modern search experience for the student.


Photomath is a tool for math students as you would have guessed. It allows math students to understand the various steps needed in solving simple and complex mathematical equations.

Photomath has an augmented optical character recognition feature that allows it to scan and analyze the characters and solve the equation that appears on that photograph. It is a tool of somewhat artificial intelligence that can help you improve your math-solving abilities.

It saves time and effort and gives you an accurate sequence of solving problems to better understand the skill of finding answers to equations in a timely fashion. It teaches you all the important steps that are necessary to show when attempting to solve an equation or a math problem.


Lucidchart is an important tool in demonstrating data and processes as well as end results in the form of a flowchart. This tool helps you organize all your methods and data in a picture format that summarizes our work for the purposes of presentation.

If you wish to demonstrate the aims and objectives of a particular project Lucidchart equips you with a variety of figures that explains your ideas to a supervisor or groupmates.

Flowcharts give a concise explanation of an expensive document and provide a clear picture to those who may not have the best idea about your proposal.

Arrows, data figures, decision figures, and process figures are all provided in professional formats by Lucid. Its use is very easy and it gives you guidelines as to where to place figures and arrows so that the final output is neat and very self-explanatory.


This tool helps you test yourself. It is a robust testing tool that adequately and precisely tests your ability to analyze, understand and find solutions to problems in your particular field of study.

It is the perfect tool for students to prepare for any sort of examination in any subject. It times you and develops your ability to compose yourself in any examination setting. It offers the user the ability to create their own decks and flashcards specific to any topic they may choose to test themselves on.

They keep track of performance and help the student understand where the need to be more effort and improvement. It can be used as a group tool that helps all the members of the group share knowledge and performance and help each other catch up if need be. It is the perfect tool when preparing for an exam.

Chegg Study

This tool gives the student the ability to refer to their very own personalized encyclopedia. It gives students the tools to build up a catalog of information documents that may be relevant to the particular subject of study. It builds a data and information structure for the student that helps them solve simple and complex problems.

This tool is also capable of searching for information and data that is relevant to your study. This tool also helps develop your knowledge further than what the lecturer or the professor may be able to relay.

Research and homework can be presented to this tool after which it gathers the relevant data and information to the subject and presents the student with the necessary tools and techniques they need to solve that unique problem or write that paper/project.

In the digital era, harnessing the power of useful apps can significantly enhance a student’s academic journey. With the right combination of apps, you can optimize your time management skills, increase productivity, and improve your overall study experience.

Whether it’s staying organized, managing deadlines, or collaborating with classmates, these ten essential apps offer valuable tools and resources tailored to students’ needs. Embrace technology as your ally and take control of your studies like never before!

10 Useful Apps For Students

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