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Let’s See How Many Of These Pixar Movies You Have Seen

Pixar movies are a collection of critically acclaimed and beloved animated films created by Pixar Animation Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Founded in 1986, Pixar is renowned for its pioneering work in computer-generated animation, revolutionizing the film industry and setting new standards for storytelling and visual effects.

As Pixar continued to release films over the years, its storytelling evolved and matured, embracing more complex and emotional narratives. Whether it’s the poignant exploration of emotions in “Inside Out” or the investigation of existential questions in “Soul,” Pixar consistently pushes the boundaries of animated storytelling, appealing to a wide range of audiences worldwide. Your mission? Check off the Pixar movies you’ve had the pleasure of watching.

With each new release, Pixar continues to delight and inspire, leaving a lasting impact on both cinema and popular culture. Its movies have not only entertained generations but also fostered a profound emotional connection with viewers, making them timeless classics that will be cherished for years to come.

How many of these Pixar movies have you watched?

The Incredibles



Inside Out

A Bug’s Life


Toy Story 4



The Good Dinosaur



Monsters University

Finding Dory



Cars 2

Finding Nemo

Toy Story

Incredibles 2

You checked # out of # on this list!
I checked # out of # on this list!

Not a Pixar fan!

While you may not have watched every movie on the list, the one(s) you’ve experienced have left an impression on your cinematic journey. You’ve taken your first steps into the enchanting world of Pixar. While your score might not include every movie, your journey through the films you’ve seen is just beginning and your results show that you are not a Pixar fan but rather DreamWorks. Your experience so far is a testament to your openness to cinematic adventures. Keep exploring, and who knows what incredible tales you’ll uncover next in the vast Pixar universe!

Pixar fan!

Wow! You’ve proven yourself to be a true Pixar aficionado by checking off a significant number of movies on the checklist. Your extensive list of Pixar films indicates that you’ve journeyed through a multitude of emotions, laughter, and unforgettable moments that only these animated gems can provide. Your passion for these films shines through, and your dedication to exploring their magic is truly commendable. Keep enjoying the captivating tales that only Pixar can deliver, and continue celebrating the joy they bring to audiences of all ages!

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How Many of These Pixar Movies Have You Watched?

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