Can You Guess The Colors Of These Fruits?

Do you pride yourself on your knowledge of different fruits and their colors? If so, then this fruit color quiz may be just the challenge you need to test your skills!

In this fun quiz, you will be asked to identify the colors of various fruits. From bright red apples to juicy orange oranges, you will have to rely on your knowledge of both fruits and colors to ace this test. The questions may seem simple at first, but don’t be fooled – some fruits have subtle color variations that may trip you up.

As you make your way through the quiz, challenge yourself to answer each question as quickly and accurately as possible. Keep in mind that some fruits may be commonly associated with certain colors, while others may surprise you with their unexpected hues.

Whether you’re a fruit fanatic or just looking for a fun way to test your color knowledge, this quiz is sure to keep you entertained. So get ready to prove how well you know your fruits and your colors. Good luck!

1. What color is a kiwi inside?

a. Red

b. Green

c. Yellow

d. Pink

2. What color is a banana?

a. Pink

b. Orange

c. Yellow

d. Brown

3. What color is an avocado?

a. Black

b. Brown

c. Green

d. Light blue

4. Which fruit is green on the outside but red inside?

a. Pawpaw

b. Banana

c. Watermelon

d. Kiwi

5. Which of these fruits is yellow on the outside and yellow inside too?

a. Apple

b. Mango

c. Watermelon

d. Peach

6. Which of these fruits is green on the outside but orange inside?

a. Strawberry

b. Blueberry

c. Papaya

d. Cherry

7. Which of these fruits is white inside?

a. Orange

b. Kiwi

c. Pomegranate

d. Coconut

8. What color is a strawberry?

a. Pink

b. Red

c. White

d. Blue

9. What color is a blueberry?

a. Blue

b. Pink

c. Red

d. Green

10. What color is a grape?

a. Brown

b. White

c. Purple

d. Orange

Better luck next time

Good score! You got most of them right

Congratulations! You are a fruit expert

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Can You Guess The Colors Of These Fruits?

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